about me

Poems & Literature – i liked them since my childhood. However, I made my first entry in this world only after graduation, during my professional career.

One fine day in office I wrote few words, it made me so curious, i created a small poem. It was my first poem, I showed it to one of my friend who had similar interest. She appreciated it well, and inspired me to write 100 such more poems …

That was just the beginning. Soon, I started writing in Hindi and Gujarati (mother tongue) as i was much comfortable with them.

“Smitarth” – The name made up of Smit (Smile) & Arth (Meaning). I chose this as my pen-name as I want to give my life a meaningful smile by making people happy around me. I love cheerful faces which can help us to forget biggest hurdles of our life.Love, Relationships and Life – are three key subjects of my poems.

Professionally, I am an engineer and working in a power plant in Gujarat – India.

Enjoy reading and provide your valuable comments  …

Shreyans Vasa, “Smitarth”